Come and enjoy the Danville Symphony Orchestra as we strive to achieve our Mission of:

Providing quality live musical performances of classical and other worthy repertoire through symphony concerts and by partnering with other performers and performing arts organizations,

Providing an opportunity for dedicated, talented musicians throughout the region to express and advance their talents, and

Providing an economic development benefit to the Dan River region by improving the quality of life for our citizens and those looking to relocate to the region.

Symphony Devotee Opportunities

    The Danville Symphony is an aggregate of experienced adult and talented young musicians from Danville and the surrounding area. We are sponsored by the City of Danville Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism which provides some funding. Various grants and private donations in the past have provided for vitally needed equipment.
    We continue to solicit your contributions to support the expansion of our repertoire, venue fees, music performance rights fees, solo artist fees, and repair and maintenance of equipment. Occasionally "fill-in" musicians are needed when specific instrumentalists are not available in the area.
    We hope you will deem the "Symphony Devotee Program" worthy of your consideration in your support of the arts in our community. Through your contributions, the Danville Symphony Orchestra will continue to bring fine music to this community and remain a viable cultural asset.

    All contributions to The Danville Symphony Orchestra are tax deductible under current IRS regulations.

Danville Symphony Orchestra Endowment

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they will never sit in.” - Unknown Greek Author

The DSO Endowment was opened by personal funds of the Board Members in May of 2014 to establishan ongoing means of financial stability in the decades to come, and is differentiated from the Devoteť annual operating support program. Our Endowment contributors to date are:

Gerald & Margaret Adcock
Anonymous *
Carole Barnes *
David & Jane Bason
Steve & Wanda Bass *
Jessica Brendle
Dr. & Mrs. David C. Caldwell *
Carlisle School 8th Grade Class *
Terri W. Chaplin
Mr. & Mrs. David T. Clark
Richard Clark
Gil & Kathy Collins *
Michael & Lindsay Daly *
Gail M. Davis
Laura Demanski *
Mr. & Mrs. Al Divine
Dr. Stephen & Andrea Eggleston
Charles G. & Carol E. Ellis
Pam Elske-Leonetti *
Rev, Shayne V. Estes & Kelly Declos-Estes
Betty W. Falk *
Gail C. Ferguson
Doris Feldman *
June & Roy Ford
Joe & Anne Foster #
Jerry & Mary Franklin #, =, +
Robert Foyle & Rebecca Page
Jacquelin Fuss
Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Gibson *
Lydia & Kate Gibson *
Lydialyle Gibson *
Dr. & Mrs. Noah Gibson, IV
Danny & Linda Gnewikow *
Alton & Vicky Gross *
Dr. Thomas J. &
Mrs. Margaret A. Hardy Noah F. Gibson, IV, MD Chair Endowment *
Harris, Harvey, Neal & Co., LLP
Anne Harvey *
Ralph & Ruth Hess, Jr.
Robert & Glenda Honea *
Nancy Hoy *
Frank Hussey
Robert Jiranek & Nan Freed #
Peggy & Lenard Lackey, Jr. #
Mr. & Mrs. David Lyle
Rick & Karen Maute *
Robert, Nevin, Meredith & Neal Meissner *
Edward & Esther Mise *
Jane & Thomas J. O’Neill *
Julienne & Randall Parker
Peter Perret
Hilary & Anthony Port
Roma Rice ^
Richard N. Roach
Margie Robertson
Tani & Richard Sandler *
Sammy & Dianne Saunders *
Morgan G. Savage
J. Glenn & Alice Shelton *
Summertime Pool & Spa Inc.
Harriet & Paul Thompson
Harry & Judith Turbiville
Jean Carol Vernon
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Wells
Landon & Kathryn Wyatt

#   In honor of Maestro Charles Ellis & Conductor Emeritus
=  In honor of Conductor Peter Perret
*  In memory of Dr. Noah F. Gibson, IV, MD
^   In memory of Rev. Ron Rice
+   In honor of Steven Broach for outstanding volunteer service

Gifts to the DSO Endowment may be made to The Community Foundation, Danville Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund, 541 Loyal Street, Danville, VA 24541. Gifts may be a one time or annual pledge gift(s), naming DSO in your Estate Planning through will, beneficiary of an IRA or retirement plan, or partial or whole beneficiary of life insurance policy.

Endowment Support **
Danville Symphony Orchestra Endowment
Gifts of any amount can be made to the existing Danville Symphony Orchestra Endowment at The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region to help provide ongoing annual support.

- Guest Artist Endowment (Gifts totaling $75,000)
Gifts to help provide ongoing annual support of Guest Artist soloists and additional orchestra members.

- Educational Endowment (Gifts totaling $100,000)
Gifts to help provide ongoing annual support of Masters Classes within the school systems by Danville Symphony Orchestra members.

- Concertmaster Chair Endowment (Gifts totaling $100,000)
Gifts to help cover current expenses and to help support future expenses of the Danville Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster.

- Conductor’s Chair Endowment (Gifts totaling $250,000)
Gifts to help cover current expenses and to help support future expenses of the Danville Symphony Orchestra Conductor.

**Contact The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region to discuss how you and your friends can help establish one of these endowments to perpetuate your support of the Danville Symphony Orchestra. Call 434-793-0884 for more information.

Click below to donate online at The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region.
Please note that your gift is for the Danville Symphony Orchestra Fund.
(under "Please designate my gift to")

Click below for printable form.
DSO Endowment Fund Form

Annual Support *

Gifts to help support the annual expenses of the orchestra, including purchasing music and equipment; practice, storage and performance rental fees; guest artist, concertmaster and conductor’s support.

Legacy Circle: $7,500 and up
Maestro's Circle: $5,000 to $7,499
Concertmaster's Circle: $2,500 to $4,999
Guardian: $1,000 to 2,499
Angel: $500 to $999
Patron: $100 to $499
Donor: $50 to $99
Friend: $25 to $49

*Gifts for annual support can be made payable to the Danville Symphony Orchestra, P.O. Box 11491, Danville, VA 24543.

The Danville Symphony Orchestra expresses appreciation to the contributors to the Devotee Program since September 1, 2022. The financial support of these corporations, foundations, and individuals provides for the annual operating expenses for the season for this cultural activity to flourish in the Dan River Region and provide it at no costs to those attending.

Legacy Circle

Dr. Thomas J. Hardy & Margaret A. Hardy ^

Maestro’s Circle

Kordel Carter through “Benevity” From Microsoft
The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region – Community Impact Fund

Concertmaster’s Circle

The Community Arts Center
The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region - Stratford House Funds
City of Danville Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department:
Creative Communities Award - through the Virginia Commission for the Arts & National Endowment for the Arts
The Kiwanis Club of Danville Foundation #
Virginia Commission for the Arts


The Dan River Inc. Endowment Fund of The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region ~~
Danville Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund of The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region
The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region - The Daniel Fund
Charles G. & Carol E. Ellis
Anne & Joe Foster
Shaffer Cabinet Works, Inc.


Amy C. Cook
Barbara S. Collie *
Ruth J. Hess
Paul & Sheryl Manz
Rebecca Page
Janet Holley & Dave Slayton
Peter & JoAnn Howard
Rotary Club of Danville
Dr. Christy Robinson & Mrs. Lee Robinson


Dr. & Mrs. Syed Ahmed
All-Virginia Title & Escrow, Inc.
Carolyn Anderson
Daniel & Dianne Angell
Pat Argyrakis
Marceia Bartlett
Dot Bennett
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Campbell, Jr.
Michael and Carol Caplin
Terrie W. Chaplin
David & Sally Clark
Dr. R. Wilford Cocke
Drs. Martha & Barry Cutright
Courtney & Bob Dodson
Lalor E. Earle
Dr. Stephen & Andrea Eggleston
Charles G. & Carol E. Ellis Fund of the Community Foundation of the Dan River Region
June & Roy Ford
Nan Freed & Bob Jiranek
Dr. Russell George
Delma C. Haley
Philip & Terri Hall
Jim & Marjorie Hamilton
Dr. Edwin J. Harvie, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. J. I. Hayes
Haymore Landscaping & Garden Center
Bob & Glenda Honea
Mr. & Mrs. J.G. Hurt
Frank Hussey
Marion Hyler
Dawn & Geoffrey Koch
Sam & Faye Kushner
Kelly Lanier-Arnold
The Law Firm of Clement Wheatley
Lenard & Peggy Lackey
Alice M. Lawson
Carol & Charles Majors
Rob & Myra Meissner
Pat Morgan & Don Ethington
Wayne & Nancy Oakes
Dr. Victor & Mrs. Jane Oberheu
Mildred & Ronnie Orrell
Dr. & Mrs. Elbert Osborne, Jr.
Frederick & Deborah Owen
Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Purvis
Gloria Roakes
Thomas & Katherine See
Lea H. Shields
Dr. & Mrs. C.B. Strange
Pierce & Judie Turbiville
Lee & Margaret Wayland
Willie & Connie Watson
Robert & Linda Weir
Elizabeth T. Wilson
Landon R. Wyatt, Jr.


Gerald & Margaret Adcock
Richard Clark
Don & Eddie Dees
Diane Doss
Betty W. Falk^
Androniki Fallis
Mary Ruth Hardin
Jim and Trudy Henderson
Cecil & Jane Murray
Jim Henderson
Kathleen O’Hare
Piedmont Printing & Graphics, Inc.
Jerry & Barbara Shaver
Glenn & Alice Shelton~
Dr. Frank Wickers


Albert G. Anderson
T.L. Briggs
Betty & Stokes Daniels
Neal & Linda Dodson
Gail C. Ferguson
Dr. Robert E. Gentry
Rev. Helen McKee
Kelly Marie Rexer
Denisha L. Saunders
Mary G. Shelton
Kathleen L. Tune



*In memory of Jessica C. McCain, a beloved member of the Danville Symphony Orchestra
# In memory of Dr. Eugene M. Evans
^ In memory of Dr. Noah F. Gibson, IV
~ In memory of Charles E. Ellis

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