Come and enjoy the Danville Symphony Orchestra as we strive to achieve our Mission of:

Providing quality live musical performances of classical and other worthy repertoire through symphony concerts and by partnering with other performers and performing arts organizations,

Providing an opportunity for dedicated, talented musicians throughout the region to express and advance their talents, and

Providing an economic development benefit to the Dan River region by improving the quality of life for our citizens and those looking to relocate to the region.

Danville Symphony Orchestra

All 50+ local playing members and the additional 25 behind the scenes volunteers of the Danville Symphony Orchestra volunteer their time with no compensation. The DSO is our gift to the community.

Members of the Board

Desirée Shaffer, President
James C. Martin, Vice President
Jeremy Williams, Secretary
Tommy Freeze, Treasurer
Mary K. Franklin, Public Relations
Alice Freeman, At-Large Member
Daryl Green, At-Large Member
Peter Perret, Conductor, Ex-officio

Support Staff

Pat Eastwood & Carol Ellis & Mary Franklin, Librarians
Mary Franklin, Public Relations
Elma Wells, Devotee Coordinator
Julienne B. Parker, Grant Writer
Amy C. Cook, Graphic Designer
Dominique Shaffer, Cover Art
Haymore Landscaping & Garden CenterStage Decor
Moto Nomura, Webmaster
Evince, Inc.
The Register & Bee
Star Tribune

Ushers Guild
Mary Franklin, Chair
Gayle & Larry Barts
Pat Eastwood & Larry Chattin
Janet Holley & Dave Slayton
Tom Meadows
Jennifer & John Robinson

Technical Staff
Steven T. Broach, Director
The Freeman Family

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